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Over 25 years of professional service and business ownership in the swimming pool industry – both residential and commercial


Certifications from the National Swimming Pool Foundation as Pool & Spa Operator, Instructor and Inspector


Active Memberships with American Spa & Pool Association, North East Spa & Pool Association and Penn-Jersey Pool and Spa Association, National Plasterers Council.  Current board positions with NESPA and Penn-Jersey

Drowning, disease, and injury prevention start with understanding the specific hazards.  This helps managers, operators, and service professionals view the facilities they operate with a fresh eye focused on reducing risk. The Audit includes a copy of the Aquatic Facility Audits handbook and educates people about why safety audits are important and how to actually plan and conduct a safety audit, how to formulate corrective action, write audit reports, and conduct follow-ups to ensure the desired corrective actions are taken.

Actions taken include:

  • Inspecting the work area and work practices
  • Completing the audit report
  • Aquatic audits, around the pool, in the pool, pump room and storage areas and spa facilities
  • Aquatic play features
  • Facility records, audit forms and employees
  • On-site lifeguard operations audit individual lifeguard skills testing checklist (if applicable)

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Residential and Commercial Design, Build, Installations and Renovations

New Build and Modification of Existing Structures
Structural and Operational Modifications
Tile, Coping, Plaster and Paint

    • Standard and Custom Tile Selections for Water Line and
    • Concrete, Brick, and Custom Stone Coping
    • Resurfacing with quartz or marbalite finishes
    • Resurfacing with Premium Rubber Based and Epoxy Paints

Concrete deck removal & replacement

    • Brushed Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Stone and Pavers

Circulation, Filtration, Sanitation and Heating Equipment Installation
Waterfalls, Fountains, Deck Jets and Unique Water Features
Pool and Landscape Lighting
Competition and Recreational Diving Boards
Starting Platforms, Competition Deck Equipment, Water Polo Goals, etc
Aquatic Play Features, Water Slides and Recreational Equipment
Solid and Mesh Safety Covers

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Emergency Response Planning  Includes:

  • Developing ERPs
  • Effective communication
  • Responding to aquatic emergencies
  • Types of emergency situations
  • Hazard communication plans

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The control of RWIs.  RWIs are preventable and not every facility has the same risk.  Prevention of RWIs and the protection of patrons in your community is of utmost importance to operators and patrons alike. Identifying the health threats present, unique features to those threats, understanding what the possible consequences would be, identifying ways to reduce the risks, and prioritizing the risk reduction. Two of the most effective means of combatting RWIs are chemical automation and supplemental or secondary sanitation such as OZONE or UV generation.

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Provide a unique and exciting experience for patrons at your facility!  An aquatic play feature, large or small, adds value to your facility and the experience of your patrons. Many factors must be accounted for when considering the addition of an Aquatic Play Feature.

These considerations include:

  • How to deal with cloudy water
  • Excessively high make-up water bills
  • High sanitizer/oxidizer consumption
  • Very short filter runs
  • Maintaining automated control systems
  • Management of water and of water chemistry
  • Chlorine and chemical addition issues
  • Filtration and circulation concerns
  • Play feature operational considerations
  • Usage of chloramines and stabilizers
  • And more!

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Every facility should establish procedures to ensure they prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. This is the reason why every aquatic facility should conduct self-audits to reduce the risk of injury to patrons and staff at the facility. The purpose of the Aquatic Facility program is to assist the management staff or companies servicing or managing a facility to:

  • Train staff
  • Conduct on-site self-audits
  • Conduct an aquatic facility audit
  • Develop operational and emergency procedures
  • Develop a proper documentation and maintenance plan
  • Recognize ways in which to improve operational and staff management

In this training program, you will learn the importance of safety audits and the objectives of a safety audit program. You will also learn how to plan and conduct a safety audit and how to inspect the work area and work practices. In addition, you will learn how to formulate recommendations for corrective action, make audit reports, and conduct follow-ups to ensure that the desired corrective actions are taken. Finally, you will learn what should be inspected when conducting a safety audit at an aquatic facility.

For owners and managers of facilities that are regulated by the ADA, the 2010 revisions to the 1991 ADA guidelines to include pools and spas has created a host of challenges in both interpreting and implementing these regulations. Architects, designers, and engineers have also had to reshape their visions and begin to embrace a new concept called “universal design.”

The Department of Justice (DOJ) extended the March 2012 deadline to January 31, 2013 for existing pool and spa compliance. This extension does not apply to newly constructed pools or spas, or those going under alterations. The extension for existing pools and spas was issued through DOJ rulemaking and was based on public comments received by affected parties.

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